Of Little joys and Happy Places…

Little thingsAnd then sometimes you are happy, for no apparent reason, Actually, the reason is that you are finally at peace with your soul. Your days may be long and shitty sometimes, and you want to run your boss over with a heavy duty 72-seater bus, yeah you know you have had those thoughts as well. But you have something to look forward to at the end of the day – Like a nice hot shower after being drenched HEAVILY in Nairobi rains, like that call at the end of the day that lets you know he loves you or maybe a nice warm meal at lunchtime that fills your tummy and you feel bored on a work afternoon so you have to blog to look busy. *hides*

Little joys in life,like a nice long weekend, just the two of you, doing nothing but watching movies, chatting about silly things and laughing at jokes that only the two of you get, Little joys like a nice loving cup of Cold Stone Ice Cream, sleeping in freshly washed sheets, or curling up with a true classic or hearing your favorite song on the radio or leaning the release date for Empire Season Two. And then when you find you happiness, you should do everything to not let it go. I have found my happiness, or as the Characters in Once Upon A Time would say it, my happy ending. Which for now works for me, i don’t know how long it will last, (is forever too long to ask?) but for now it is all i have and i will bask in it.

See we spend so much time worrying about things beyond our control, spend so  much time tying to plant the roses, we have no time to watch them smell them. I get it, there is more to worry about that there is to celebrate, but i mean..

When you find happiness, you will know it..you will taste it, you will feel it with every part of your body, you will feel it with your eyes when you look at him, and when he smiles at you, and when he holds your hand so tightly you think it will evaporate into his…When it’s real, you just know it. Dammit, what is happening to me?

Anyway, Live, laugh and love…That is actually a mantra, that I am choosing to live by.

To finding happy places ,falling in love and little joys…

Mel 🙂

JLo’s True Love

When you are a book junkie, like myself and you hear a new book is out, you are dying to find out what all the fuss is about. Me picking up a copy of J’lo’s True Love was no different. there was a lot of talk and chatter about it being a tell-all trashing all her previous relationships and exes and telling us things we shouldn’t really know about. That dream lasted only 3 seconds because the book is not at all a tell-all. See what I did there? 🙂

The book is amazing and is beautifully written. It basically about JLo taking the reader along with her on her journey to self- discovery. She bears herself bare and lets the reader into her very soul, and all the things she went through. It really isn’t as trashy as i secretly hoped it would be, but it is a wonderful read, which i completed in one sitting.

Behind the makeup, and the fame and the glamour, she is just a woman who has this deep profound believe in true love and she truly believes is out there, somewhere. She is human, just like us. With feelings, deep deep feelings.  The book also takes us on a journey of self love, and learning to love yourself and only then will you truly and completely love another person. She tells stories of how she faced her greatest challenges, faced her greatest fears and emerged as a stronger person, the kind that would inspire anyone to face their demons. True love is a heartfelt story with memorable recollections of her journey. And the fact that is has amazing photos only makes it an even more excellent read.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and I wish her all the love in the world.


I really have no fitting title for this one

Reader be warned : I am about to vent, and some it might not be pretty. Reader discretion is advised.

So life happens, no, shit happens. People take advantage of your good soul and kind spirit and then they fuck you over – excuse my french. – You look back at the person that twisted the knife in your back and you really can’t see why they did it. I chose to believe the best about people, and I am too good for my own good,and that, is my fatal flaw. And when I realized i had been had, i could not cry about what had happened, I just sat there is utter disbelief, laughed about how stupid i was not to have seen it coming. See I have a coping mechnism that has served me well over the years. I will shout, throw around a few things, possibly break some, display a range of emotions then I will laugh. Then i realized that worrying is pointless. It wont fix anything, nothing. I love myself too much to torture my brain with the What Ifs, and maybes. I just refuse to. I can only laugh and vow to my self never to be so stupid again. Not to just look left and right before crossing the road, but to look left thrice and right four times then cross the road very very slowly.

I will not sit here and pretend to be some strong person, I do that some times..convince myself that my tears are too good to stream down my face. I am not bitter, I am not hurt, I am mad as hell. But then I remember that there is a nice bottle of Whiskey stashed away for times like these, and that thought at least warms my soul. So tonight will be, I will lock myself up in my room, listen to Keith Urban’s saddest songs, mope around for a little bit and feel sorry for myself,Then I will drift off to sleep. Then tomorrow I will wake up If the good Lord wills it and take a cold shower, get dressed put on my lipstick a little too bright and face the day, because that is the kind of person I am. And then on to the next one.